Footbik – one of a kind early years soccer development center

Our unique method is intended to develop physical, personal and intellectual abilities and social skills of children from 1.5 to 7 years old.

Footbik not only teaches your children how to play soccer; it acts as an early development system for your child, using soccer as the main educational and pedagogic tool.

Children under the age of 7 are at what’s known as the “sensitive age”, the one and the only period in our lives that offers the maximum level of development possibilities.

We teach children how to overcome obstacles and reach their goals without giving up on their way to success. We teach them assiduousness and discipline. They will develop a strong belief in themselves and their own power, and learn the skills to blossom not only on the field, but in their everyday lives!

European method of education and development through soccer

Mark Huis In’t Veld is the expert who has collected and accumulated the most advanced achievements in child psychology, pedagogy and sport to develop Footbik’s educational programs. Mark is one of the most reputable soccer-training specialists in the Netherlands. He’s the co-founder of TSM Academy and the head coach of Footbik. He’s also the creator of the Total Soccer Method, a specialized teaching method used in more than 20 soccer schools and academies across Europe and Asia.

Starting in 2017, we began to apply his methods here in the United States. Thanks to his vast training experience and the ability to understand children, we are able to achieve the main goal of the entire club. Footbik offers the original Dutch take on soccer education, from the teaching methods, coach preparation, programs and exercises, down to the attentive and cautious approach to the personality of the child.

Footbik - System of balanced development for preschoolers

Our development programs were created especially for preschoolers by the DUTCH partners of our club, the experts from TSM Academy and they help to form the character of the child, encouraging creative thinking and the development of intellectual abilities and emotional control. Those unique programs are based on a streamlined, consequent system of motivational rewards. We don’t use traditional marks, but instead use special stickers, which the child receives from the coach during the process of learning. The coach will always recognize and reward children for eagerness and ambitiousness.

Spark your child’s interest in becoming a winner!